The Comforts of Home

The journey back to Surcampur and the adjacent lands owned by Lauren led the party to Rider.jpgsplit up; some would head onto Procampur while the majority of the group picked up Thalia and checked in with Lauren.

Working their way up the steep embankment on the tread-worn road which served as the only reasonable path to get to Lauren’s camp brought back memories to many who had lived there for the past year. For some time this place had been home and they’d carved a life out here. Unfortunately the sense of nostalgic return was bitter sweet with the knowledge that they couldn’t stay. They weren’t even sure how well they’d be welcomed.

Contested at the gates by the look-out the group was let in by the familiar face of Ronald. The gateway opened to the determined hustle of students fulfilling their physical training. Under a large tent advanced students were working a variety of skills from combat to pick pocketing to balance drills. It seemed few were scheduled to practice in ranged weapon today as the area had a sole occupant. It looked like most people were divided between the combat ring and the obstacle course which was designed to teach you how to move and climb over a variety of surfaces.

Stabling their horses the party checked on things as they felt it necessary. After a short task each ended up in Lauren’s office.

While explaining the details of their adventure to Lauren they discovered that the new guy, Azreal had picked up some potentially important information: The egg of revealing would grant anyone who touched it with bare skin the ability to see through mundane or magical disguises. The disguises didn’t disappear but the possessor of the egg could see both the intended effect of disguise and the truth of their appearance.

They also knew from before that contact from the egg completely destroyed magical illusions on anyone who came into skin-to-egg contact.

Discussion about what they had experienced and discovered also highlighted some similarities in the stories of those they were investigating; both the guard (which turned out to be a doppleganger) and a Councilman of Trade were both well liked in their circle and rose to their positions rapidly after years of mediocrity in their occupations. This may indicate a connection between them, or something more ingrained and sinister than that.

Realizing that the mission had lasted far longer than expected and still was not finished, Lauren gave the party funds to keep them supplied while they were gone. The heavy pouch of coin disappeared Azriel’s hands, I believe.

After a night of rest the party gathered their things and prepared to return to Procampur.


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