Proving Your Worth

A Villain's First Job

Lauren “Brightflash” is a red haired, blue eyed and fearless woman who is known throughout the region as an exceptional performer who runs an exceptional band of entertainers. What they do not know is that she is also an exceptional thief.

Every one of her band of entertainers is a trained thief or a distraction so that you willfully ignore the dealings going on in the shadows.

For some of her proteges today marks the end of their training and the beginning of their life as a professional. Their mission has serious potential for backlash and goes without the cover of a performance to distract many of the locals; They’re to break the cardinal rule and steal from their own back yard.

Lauren’s band of merrymakers relies on the local town of Surcampur for supplies but they are also rumoured to hold an item of great power within the local church. Our villians have the night to acquaint themselves with each other and come up with a plan. In the morning they pack what they need and head to the town to do their reconnaissance.

The band consists of Thaiven, Laughing Thom, Dalia the Bard, (the scout/ranger), Gnorbert the Illusionist and (Venyel’s character). They’re used to practicing their skills solo but for this mission they’ll need to get their team work sorted out.

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