The Comforts of Home
The journey back to Surcampur and the adjacent lands owned by Lauren led the party to Rider.jpgsplit up; some would head onto Procampur while the majority of the group picked up Thalia and checked in with Lauren.

Working their way up the steep embankment on the tread-worn road which served as the only reasonable path to get to Lauren’s camp brought back memories to many who had lived there for the past year. For some time this place had been home and they’d carved a life out here. Unfortunately the sense of nostalgic return was bitter sweet with the knowledge that they couldn’t stay. They weren’t even sure how well they’d be welcomed.

Contested at the gates by the look-out the group was let in by the familiar face of Ronald. The gateway opened to the determined hustle of students fulfilling their physical training. Under a large tent advanced students were working a variety of skills from combat to pick pocketing to balance drills. It seemed few were scheduled to practice in ranged weapon today as the area had a sole occupant. It looked like most people were divided between the combat ring and the obstacle course which was designed to teach you how to move and climb over a variety of surfaces.

Stabling their horses the party checked on things as they felt it necessary. After a short task each ended up in Lauren’s office.

While explaining the details of their adventure to Lauren they discovered that the new guy, Azreal had picked up some potentially important information: The egg of revealing would grant anyone who touched it with bare skin the ability to see through mundane or magical disguises. The disguises didn’t disappear but the possessor of the egg could see both the intended effect of disguise and the truth of their appearance.

They also knew from before that contact from the egg completely destroyed magical illusions on anyone who came into skin-to-egg contact.

Discussion about what they had experienced and discovered also highlighted some similarities in the stories of those they were investigating; both the guard (which turned out to be a doppleganger) and a Councilman of Trade were both well liked in their circle and rose to their positions rapidly after years of mediocrity in their occupations. This may indicate a connection between them, or something more ingrained and sinister than that.

Realizing that the mission had lasted far longer than expected and still was not finished, Lauren gave the party funds to keep them supplied while they were gone. The heavy pouch of coin disappeared Azriel’s hands, I believe.

After a night of rest the party gathered their things and prepared to return to Procampur.
Leaving The Nest
February 2016 Adventure

Azrael and Thavin took the morning meeting with the counselor. Thavin’s forged paperwork nearly caused some trouble, but a timely name drop of the increasingly famous Thalia O’leery swept away suspicions and opened the way for our intrepid ne’er-do-wells.

Unfortunately, the good counselor was not in, and wished to hold the meeting at his home instead. Perhaps of greater misfortune, the good-er paladin from SurCampyr was also present in the trade office! Thavin listened to him ask about the caravan attacks and then followed him a short way outside.

Azrael attempted to pass along the conselor’s name to the paladin, but had a complete brain melt-down and forgot the man’s name. It mostly worked out.

The pair proceeded on to the counselor’s mansion. Therein they met with the gentleman’s servant and were taken inside the well decorated interior of the house.

((Description of scene: Would be good if Kevin could fill in here))

Elias procures mounts from his employer, and we set out to pass by SurCampyr, leaving Thalia there for the time being. We resumed travel north at a slow, careful pace. Within a few days we neared our destination, and with night approaching we pulled off of the main path and sent out Calena’s falcon to scout for a tower.

When the bird returned, our conversation was interrupted by the sound of horses approaching. We pulled further to the side and quieted; a goblin passed by with a heavily laden cart, noticed our horses, and pushed on rapidly. Norbert appeared to forget he could not hide everyone with magic, leading to the party elf chewing out the gnome with rather a lot of irritation.

We traveled several hundred feet further into the rough, mountainous terrain and camped down without a fire. A few minutes later a group of creatures searched carefully along the roadside we had vacated. We counted them by the light of their own trio of lanterns, and believe there were about eleven of them. Some normal sized or smaller, and several standing over nine feet.

Morning came without further disturbances. Elias and Calena went out to scout. Calena returned, having found that there was nothing alive to find – at all. No natural creatures were nearby, except for insects and vegetation; animals were entirely missing.

We traveled for over an hour and reached a valley. Down inside the valley we saw ruined columns, a fountain, two standing buildings and assorted moving creatures, likely the band from the night before. The large creatures appeared to be ogres. Upon sneaking closer, Thavin and myself saw that some of the ogres were pounding away at the arches above the columns. Said arches were decorated with images of Chauntea (the Great Mother), a goddess rarely associated with civilized architecture and stone reliefs. The windows of the buildings were all barricaded, though the sound of goblin voices was clear within.

I returned and shared what I learned with the band. We decided to send Norbert and Azrael to speak with the creatures and find out if they belonged to Gentin. The rest of us snuck down to provide cover, hiding in the rocks. Many more goblins come out, along with a robed man dressed in the symbols of Myrkul… a god thought dead by most of the world. Slightly less evil than Cyric, maybe. Norbert mentioned the Egg and bowl, along with our master; Gentin’s expression shifted towards caution and possible murderdeathkill at the mention of these things.

Gentin dismisses all but one goblin and ogre, and we all come out of hiding to converse with the cleric. Norbert filled the Bowl, which turned out to be a divinatory artifact that reveals lies and truth. A helpful ability, given that Gentin proceeded to lie his finely robed arse off. What we learned:

  • The Egg was made by the church of Ilmater.
  • The Egg reveals an evil by touch.
  • The Egg does NOT seal an evil and CANNOT unseal said evil.
  • Gentin knows more about the egg and the evil, but refuses to say more.
  • We might be able to learn more in archives with very old books.

We journeyed back to SurCampyr without incident, leaving Thavin to report to Lauren’s camp (and pick up Thalia). The rest of us continued on to make a camp on the far side of the town, and then make the final leg of the return trip to our base of operations.

Proving Your Worth
A Villain's First Job

Lauren “Brightflash” is a red haired, blue eyed and fearless woman who is known throughout the region as an exceptional performer who runs an exceptional band of entertainers. What they do not know is that she is also an exceptional thief.

Every one of her band of entertainers is a trained thief or a distraction so that you willfully ignore the dealings going on in the shadows.

For some of her proteges today marks the end of their training and the beginning of their life as a professional. Their mission has serious potential for backlash and goes without the cover of a performance to distract many of the locals; They’re to break the cardinal rule and steal from their own back yard.

Lauren’s band of merrymakers relies on the local town of Surcampur for supplies but they are also rumoured to hold an item of great power within the local church. Our villians have the night to acquaint themselves with each other and come up with a plan. In the morning they pack what they need and head to the town to do their reconnaissance.

The band consists of Thaiven, Laughing Thom, Dalia the Bard, (the scout/ranger), Gnorbert the Illusionist and (Venyel’s character). They’re used to practicing their skills solo but for this mission they’ll need to get their team work sorted out.

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